Fall 2006: Ruddigore


Following the immense success of The Mikado, the initial run of Ruddigore, or The Witch's Curse! (1887) was, by Gilbert and Sullivan's standards, a flop. The show ran only six months, and was not revived by the D'Oyly Carte Company until 1920. However, Ruddigore was revived regularly after that, and has become a favorite of many Savoyards — including Off-Monroe Players, who have presented it several times since 1977. Deservedly so, as it is a very entertaining piece.

Ruddigore is a parody of 19th-century "thud-and-blunder" melodramas, with many Gilbertian twists. The evil, profligate nobleman (or "bad Baronet") is persecuted by portraits of his ancestors; the sweet young maiden turns out to be quite a gold-digger; the "bumptious" sailor always follows his heart — which tells him to steal his foster brother's fiancée; the mad young lady (who at first seems to have strayed from some bel canto opera) is saner than most of the people onstage. Befitting these different characters, Sullivan's score is one of his most varied, full of charm, drama, and (of course) catchy tunes.

We hope the OMP production of this unusual "new and supernatural" operetta will make you a fan of Ruddigore, too.

Director: David Raymond
Music Director: Mark Johnson
Assistant Music Director: Charles Palella
Choreography: Terry Benedict
Producers: Jad Jordan, Amanda Lobaugh, Marty Nott
Designer: Patti Anne Montrois


Zorah (Professional Bridesmaid)
Carla Cogliandro
Ruth (Professional Bridesmaid)
Rachel Pasternak
Dame Hannah
Barbara A. Dick
Rose Maybud (A Village Maiden)
Holly Thérèse Corcoran
Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd (Robin Oakapple)
Bob Gorski
Old Adam Goodheart
Tracy Burdick
Richard Dauntless
Jad Jordan
Mad Margaret
Sarajane Fondiller
Sir Despard Murgatroyd of Ruddigore
Marty Nott
Sir Rupert Murgatroyd
Wayne Vander Byl
Sir Jasper Murgatroyd
Ted Benedict
Sir Lionel Murgatroyd
Ken Vary
Sir Conrad Murgatroyd
Bob Weeks
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd
Geoffrey Hopkins


Christina Arden, Suzanne Bell, Ted Benedict, Terry Benedict, Ann Marie Buonemani, Julia Ferreira, Penny Fram, Kurt Griffen, Bill Hammond, Rebecca Hetherington, Patti Anne Montrois, Karen Nail, Stephen Naum, Maureen Odgers, Charles Palella, Suzanne Rath, Laurel Schneiderman, Stephanie Schneiderman, Pamela Torrey, Anne Vander Byl, Wayne Vander Byl, Ken Vary, Anne Virgil, Bob Weeks


Paul Towsley
Stephen Lurie, Leslie Naradikian
Susan Comer, Phil Marino
Alison Currie
Mark Johnson
Kathleen Holt
Eriks Zurovskis
B.J. Comer


Amanda Lobaugh, Stephen Naum
Set Designer
Kelly Flegel
Set Construction
Suzanne Bell, Ann Marie Buonemani, Jad Jordan, Charles Palella, David Raymond
Costume Managers
Suzanne Bell, Penny Fram, Molly Moore
Lighting Designer
Kelly Flegel
Steve Boerner

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