God's Greatest Hits (Children's Theatre)

Book by John Cieslinski

Production Runs

Balancing between the exuberance of youth and the wisdom of age is the greatest puzzle we are given in life. The very act of creation is exuberance; the act of management requires wisdom. I'm sure God has some difficulty with this puzzle also.

This show represents the blended force of youth and age. How can we lose? Here are the little miracles we fail to make note of each day and the big miracles of a theatrical production that even God doesn't understand.

In the spirit of this paradox of exuberance and wisdom, I'd like to dedicate this script to my friend Fran Richman — the infinite child, the consummate adult.

-- John Cieslinski

The Blue Marble

On the rim of the night
in a tipsy stance
of galactic light
and genetic dance,
we scan the sky,
we explore the sea
with a wary eye
to the mystery
Precarious, perched
in the solar wind,
we signal, we search
for the wunderkind—
the player who spun us
into space,
the child with the luminous,
loving face.

—Fran Richman

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