Fall 2001: The Grand Duke


In the Grand Duke, Gilbert and Sullivan come full circle, back to the theme of their first collaboration: A troupe of actors takes political power. The story contains a number of hilarious moments and funny characters, the settings are colourful and the music is cheery and flavourful. Some find this opera to be the most underrated of the G&S works.

Ludwig, an actor, replaces the company manager, Ernest, and then he replaces the miserly Grand Duke Rudolph of Pfennig Halbfennig, after "killing" each of them by drawing the ace from a deck of cards in two "statutory" duels. By winning the statutory duels, Ludwig assumes all of Ernest's and Rudolph's rights and obligations. Soon he finds himself with far more wives, and prospective wives, than he knows what to do with. Never fear: once again, a lawyer solves the problem and all ends happily.

Director: Brian Smith
Music Director: Alan Case
Choreography: Kathy Perconti


Jeffrey Miller
Julia Jellicoe (an English Actress)
Sarajane Fondiller
Lisa (a soubrette)
Susanna Adams
Ernest Dummkopf (a Theatrical Manager)
Nathan Brimmer
Grand Duke Rudolph of Pfennig Halbpfennig
Patrick Adams
Dr. Tannhauser (a Notary)
David Holliday
Baroness Caroline von Krakenfeldt
Cynthia Cuddeback
The Prince of Monte Carlo
David Schafer
Jacintha (The Princess of Monte Carlo)
Elissa Quinn
Amanda Lobaugh
Deb Bower
Paula Gullo
Patti Anne Montrois
Adrienne Lynn West
Viscount Mentone
Sean Taylor
Tracy Burdick
Tisa Silverlining


Christopher Adams, Terry Badger, Stuart Beck, Suzanne Bell, Chris Brown, Derek Corbett, Lilah Crews-Pless, Penny Fram, Stephen Gullo, Judith Maloney, Shirley Ann Miller, Kathy Moore, David Odgers, Jennifer Odgers, Maureen Odgers, Naomi Pless, Suzanne Rath, Laurel Schneiderman, Fred Scipione, Scott Wagner


Stage Manager
Adele Blake
Set Construction
Tracy Burdick
Costume Managers
Naomi Pless, Brian Smith
Lighting Designer
Michele Denber

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