Winter 2024: Al Laddin

Performed as part of Winter Plays 2024.


Al Laddin, or, 1,001 Victorian Nights is a one-act mash-up musical, setting the age old tale of magic, wishes, mishaps and romance to G&S favorites. Deep in the heart of Victorian London, there's a street urchin named Alan Laddin who is about to unleash the magic waiting behind the big brass handle of Number Seventy Simmery Axe.


John Wellington Wells (Baritone) a former Djinn, now Alan’s memory challenged side-kick

Djinn Wellington Wells (Mezzo) a Sorceress, JWW’s Daughter, Named Jenny as a young lady

Headmistress Ida (Soprano) Headmistress of the Young Ladies Academy, Jenny’s best friend

Alan Laddin (Tenor) Crafty Street Urchin

Jasmina (Soprano) Academy Girl, Alan’s crush

Sergeant of Police (Bass)

Academy Girls:

Chum Chum (Soprano)

Pip Squeak (Mezzo)

Betty Bow (Alto)


Mortimer (Tenor)

Hodges (Baritone)

Crumpet (Bass)

Director: Mary Lyubomirsky
Music Director: Joseph Janover
Producer: Edward Medina-Torres


John Wellington Wells
Brian Smith
Djinn Wellington Wells
Carla Cogliandro
Headmistress Ida
Helen Moore
Alan Laddin
Darius Fuller
Emma Vos
Sergeant of Police
Schuyler Kelley
Rachel Lockhart
Pip Squeak
Morena Heyden
Betty Bow
Regan Welkey
Brandon Macey
Terry Benedict
Mark Figura


Costume Manager
Ben Hale
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