Our Values


From Day One, OMP has welcomed anyone to perform in our chorus without audition, because we all start somewhere and we want to encourage participation. We believe this can be compatible with presenting good musical theater.


We are here to share our enjoyment of plays we love, and we will do what we can to make them aesthetically, economically, geographically, and physically accessible for anyone who wants to attend or participate.

HMS Pinafore 2008

Public service

We believe that good entertainment improves the social fabric of our community, and we will extend ourselves to share our love of the performing arts with the community in enriching ways.

The audience

The audience's laughter and applause are our greatest fulfillment, and their attendance is a gift to us. We owe them our appreciation and the best possible experience we can create for them.


Staging musical theater is hard work, and the only pay we get at OMP is fun and fulfillment. What we get back in fulfillment is directly related to how much fun we put into it for each other.

Artistic quality

Loving operettas means wanting to learn about them and perform them well. Performing them well honors the composers and writers, attracts enthusiastic audiences, and is way more fun than not performing them well.

Personal growth

We support and encourage our fellow members because we are all here to improve ourselves as performers. We can all learn from each other if we are all willing to share what we know.


We encourage our membership to act with high ethical standards, contribute to our community, and to manage our finances responsibly.

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