What role should I audition for in Sullivan with Sullivan?

Published: January 15, 2020 What role should I audition for in Sullivan with Sullivan?

Character Sketches for:

On Shore and Sea

La Sposina (the bride) soprano role, lead woman on shore

Il Marinajo (the sailor) baritone role, perhaps suitable for some tenors, lead sailor

Chorus of women, wives and lovers of the sailors waiting on shore for the sailors

Chorus of men, sailors

At least two but not more than four supernumeraries

(non-singing actors - open to both male and female actors!),

essentially Barbary pirates, who capture the sailors and perform a short victory dance – no prior dance experience required

The Zoo

Aesculapius Carboy - tenor role - a chemist in love with Laetitia

Eliza Smith - mezzo soprano role- a perfectly virtuous and highly principled young lady, in charge of the Refreshment Stall.

Laetitia - soprano role - loved by Carboy

Thomas Brown -- baritone role - A man with a secret on the search for virtue, which he finds in Eliza. Actually the Duke of Islington in disguise

Mr. Grinder - baritone role - Laetitia's overprotective father, a retired grocer

Chorus - Ladies and Gentlemen (and maybe more!) of the Great British Public

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